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Spiritual Ghostwriter
You retain full copyright and credit. I take no percentage of sales or royalties. Our agreement is assured by a simple contract and nondisclosure agreement, and monthly payments.

2 ghostwritten
30 developmental edited
11 written

Small projects: $65/hour, first month on retainer

Book-length: $9,950.
If breadth of project requires more than 200 hours, $50/hour. Monthly payments as we go.

ONE. Each of these averages 200 hours when no research or interviews and you provide all materials:
  • Expand and finish your incomplete manuscript (e.g., you have 100 pages or 27,000 words, testimonials below, and you provide all materials).
  • Convert your lecture tapes into a book.
  • Compile your several different documents into a book.

TWO. You have a book with less written content, such as a coffee table book interspersed with illustrations. This still requires Content Interviews, all of your written notes and materials, and possibly some research.

THREE.Completely write your memoir, autobiography or spiritual nonfiction book for you. These books are drafted and developed based on your materials and plan. This requires at least nine Content Interviews, all of your written notes and materials, and research (internet and/or travel). Typical book, fully written, is 600-plus hours.

Write book proposal only, inquire for flat rates:
  • Completed manuscript
  • To-be-written book

  • Brief description and basic premise of book
  • Your bio, experience, credentials on the topic


2014 - “Charol is a superior ghostwriter and author of many spiritual books. She lives in Denver and would be available to meet regularly…. More importantly, what she will bring to the table related to the message of solving the world’s problems through our hearts not our brains will mesh perfectly with your goals…. Charol has been on an authentic spiritual path for many years. Over the past few years she has turned her knowledge and experience into a series of books, blogs and talks. No project is too large or small for her. This project would fit in perfectly with her desire to help others. Indeed, everything I know about the higher self I have learned from her.” ~ Barbara Munson, ghostwriter

2012 - William H. Lee, M.D. - Over 50, Feeling 30! How bioidentical hormones bring your body back You did a great job. Everyone comments it's an easy read,  meaning they appreciate that it is in 'layman's language'.  You were a stickler for that....  A special thanks to Charol, my book doctor. She organized my extensive materials, edited with great enthusiasm, and motivated me with new ideas that have brought a greater fullness to this book for all who are seeking better health... This book would not have gotten into print without her knowledgeable assistance.Started with author's unfinished draft. With his participation and additions (via email), expanded double original length (with his continued submitted materials). Included organization, titles, and writing new copy. (finished 300 pages, from original 100, 200 hours)
Janis A. Di Ciacco, Ph.D. - The Colors of Grief - “Writing this book in a cohesive manner could not have been achieved without the objective and insightful work of my editor, Charol Messenger, who worked with diligence and integrity. Because of her creative formatting and revisions, the readers will find the information easy to digest.” Nonfiction therapeutic guide. Started with author's unfinished draft. Expanded, reconstructed, created titles, wrote new copy. (finished 175 pages, from original 100, 200 hours)

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